Food and organized chaos

September 24-30, 2018

September 24-30, 2018


  • I recently checked out Read Aloud Revival from the library. I always knew that there were all sorts of benefits to reading aloud to your kids, but I learned so much more than what I originally thought! The reading lists in this book are fantastic- I ended up buying the book for the recommended read aloud list! We just started to read aloud The Wizard of Oz– we are all LOVING it! Plus, Read Aloud Revival is on sale!
  • This is the first year I have a kid in school full time. So with that came school lunches! I wanted some ideas beyond the typical sandwich and stumbled upon The Best Homemade Kid Lunches on the Planet. This is another book that I had checked out from the library and loved so much that I ended up buying it. So many great healthy lunch ideas (and some not healthy lunch ideas!) that my kids and I have really been enjoying. I’ve been packing lunches in the Easy Lunchbox containers and then packing that in the lunch box we purchased from Costco.


Have a beautiful fall week!

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